Police nab CBD drivers on phones

A POLICE blitz on Geelong city centre driver and pedestrian distraction nabbed more than 80 people, including almost 30 people on mobile phones.

During the operation, 82 offences were detected in the eight-hour period, including: mobile phone offences 27, disobey traffic signal 17, seat belt offence  12, unregistered vehicles  5, disobey traffic sign 2, and unlicensed  1.

Geelong Highway Patrol members staged  the operation in the CBD on 30 April between 9am and 5pm.

Police said they were particularly disappointed with the amount of people who continued to use their mobile phones when driving.

Acting Sergeant Jamie Kahle said using a mobile phone while driving that may involve manual or visual distraction increased chances of being involved in a crash.

“All drivers face tough penalties for illegal use of a mobile phone or interacting with other visual display units while driving that are not driver’s aids,” he said.

The penalties are four demerit points and a $443 fine.