New Cat herald revival

Andrew Mathieson
GEELONG Football Club president Frank Costa has revealed a desire to replicate the brand success of an English football giant with the launch of new Cats logos.
The club yesterday launched its new set of logos at Melbourne’s Federation Square, with the design featuring a fearsome cat over the top of Geelong’s traditional blue and white hoops.
A new Cats’ shield including the logo will also replace a GFC emblem on the team’s playing guernsey.
Costa said the marketing success of Manchester United, outside the working class northern English city, had set a benchmark for all football clubs.
“You look at what Manchester United did years ago and what it did for their club and not only in the UK,” he said.
“Well, football today is at a much higher level, even in our national competition in Australia, so if we don’t continue to upgrade and improve our presence every year we’re going to be left behind very quickly.
“The way we are portrayed is an important part of how successful we can be in the future.”
The re branding under the name ‘Footy Full On’, including up to 15 variations of the logo for merchandise, sponsorship, television and print media purposes, is part of a push to revitalise the club as it emerges from life threatening debt levels in 1999.
The Ross-Drew stand will be replaced as the next stage of the ground’s redevelopment at Skilled Stadium and the club is negotiating with Wyndham City Council to build an entertainment complex at Point Cook.
Costa said the changes would also ensure Geelong’s name remained.