Scandal as Portia looks at becoming a mum

Trouble in Paradise: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.


GEELONG’S Portia de Rossi is set to appear in the next series of US TV series Scandal next month – and could be looking to become a mum as well.
The strife-torn star of Arrested Development and Ally McBeal and wife of chat-show superstar Ellen DeGeneres spent a month in rehab in May after a torrid domestic row.
The pair are now reported to be investigating having a surrogate baby after Portia contacted a Californian surrogate-parenting centre for information.
CelebrityDirtyLaundry reported that de Rossi and DeGeneres decided to go ahead with “what is commonly referred to as a Band-Aid baby, meaning the couple hopes that a child will bring them closer together”.
Buzzfeed reported that de Rossi was in Scandal’s season four but did not detail her role or how many episodes.
She has weathered a major media storm in recent months, spending time in the Malibu rehab centre for drugs and alcohol treatment after an “ugly fight” with DeGeneres.
Long-standing liver cirrhosis and osteoporosis problems were revealed and claims of her wife cheating while she was in rehab have coloured already-lurid tabloids and websites.
De Rossi was also reported to have taped arguments with DeGeneres, who flew into a rage after discovering the recordings, checking her partner’s emails for any sign the fights had gone to the media.