Fake $100s shock market staff


FAKE $100 notes are circulating in Geelong as the latest counterfeit banknotes to hit the town.
Police are investigating two incidents over the Anzac weekend at Geelong Vintage Market where two forged notes were passed but unidentified until later.
The notes were passed late in the afternoon as staff were about to close business for the day.
“It was the end of the day, they were buying a few things and obviously they were missed and went through,” owner John Lah told the Independent.
“We noticed them when we were tilling. They’re shinier, they don’t have a watermark – if you hold them up it’s obvious it’s not there.
“One note was not as shiny as the other, you had to have a good look at it, and in the evening light it would be hard to spot the difference.”
Mr Lah warned other businesses to be wary of the dud $100s and customers trying to pass them when activity was brisk.
“It was just that time of night, a few people handling transactions and trying to finish up. Most people could be distracted,” he said.
“We told everyone around our area and all our supervisors are checking notes.”
Geelong Police confirmed they were investigating the counterfeit notes but would not comment further.
The latest counterfeit scam follows a flood of fake $50 notes in shops across Geelong eight months ago.
Notes were passed at Market Square Shopping Centre and as far afield as Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre.
Police said young sales assistants were often targeted and at busy times when their attention might be distracted.
They warned of shoppers creating small disturbances to draw attention.