Gigs resume for Cowgirls

COUNTRY FUN: The Sunny Cowgirls will be back in Geelong next weekend.

By Natalee Kerr

Country duo the Sunny Cowgirls will shortly head back on the road after a lengthy break, and for the first time with some new additions.

Sisters Celeste and Sophie Clabburn took time off from touring after the latter became a mum to Jack, now two, and nine-month-old Jimmy.

“We’ve never had kids on tour with us before so it will be a bit of a change of pace,” Celeste explained.

“Normally we make sure to have a couple of beers before a show, but I think they’ll quiet us down a bit.”

Celeste labelled her nephews as the future “Sunny Cowboys“ after she was recently informed of their love for music.

“I spoke to Sophie on the phone the other day and she told me that Jack loves Slim Dusty – he’s been playing his toy guitar along to Slim’s music!” she said.

Celeste said touring has now taken on a new meaning, giving the sisters an opportunity to reunite.

“Going on tour is more special now because we no longer live close to one another anymore – I live in WA and Soph is in New South Wales,” she said.

“It gives us a chance to not only perform together again but to spend time with each other too.“

Celeste said the pair “grew up listening to country music” but it was Sophie who first demonstrated an interest.

“Soph got guitar lessons in primary school and then I probably just copied her because I was her little sister,” she laughed.

“But performing is something we’ve always wanted to do, it has been our dream since we were little.”

Farm girls born-and-bred, the sisters moved from regional Victoria to WA in their younger years and first started out by busking at their local Perth shopping centre.

“I remember at Christmas time we would put on Santa hats and go down there and sing for hours,” she said.

“Any money we got we would just spend on junk food.”

The duo released their chart-topping debut album Little Bit Rusty in 2005 when they were in their teens and have since gone on to enjoy more than a decade-long career in music.

Celeste said she attributes the nine-time Golden Guitar nominated duo’s success and longevity to “staying true” to themselves.

“We’ve stuck to our guns a bit. We’ve never listened to people too much or let others try to shape and mould us,” she said.

Celeste said they “couldn’t wait” to perform at the Gateway Hotel on 28 June.

“Geelong is not far from where we grew up in Dunkeld so it’s always great to come back,” she said.

“We’ll play lots of old songs and it will also be the first time we’ll play some of our new music which is very exciting.“

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