On the way to grandma’s house

Theatre 3triple2 will show Litle Red Riding Hood at the Potato Shed in January. (Ivan Kemp)

Theatre 3triple2’s production of an all-time classic, which was postponed from September, is on at the Potato Shed during the January school holidays.

With their take on the classic Brothers Grimm folk tale Little Red Riding Hood, the cast is preparing to bring the fairytale from Tuesday January 11-14.

Grandma has been in isolation with a very bad cold. The doctor has just given her the all-clear for visitors, so Little Red, the daughter of Barry and June Hood, sets off on her own into the woods, along the track all the way to Grandma Hood’s house.

Little Red is thrilled, as she thinks she’ll be the first one to visit her grandma – or is she?

Unbeknownst to Little Red, a strange animal is lurking in the bushes. Will the beast be scary or friendly? The only way to know is to book tickets and find out for yourself.

Perfect for pre-school and junior primary children, Theatre 3triple2’s production of Little Red Riding Hood has loads of audience participation, embracing the timeless tradition of holiday pantomimes.

Tickets available now at geelongaustralia.com.au/potatoshed