Jury joins Pistol Pete celebrations

Wayne Jury. (Supplied)

Matt Hewson

The month-long celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Pistol Pete’s Food N Blues on Little Malop Street continues when local blues master Wayne Jury and South West harmonica gun Eddy Boyle join forces next Friday.

One of Australia’s finest blues singers, Jury is more than just a bluesman; he is a versatile songwriter and producer with a career spanning four decades.

Jury’s musical journey began in Geelong’s rock scene, though he soon left for the bright lights of Sydney, where he lived and performed for 30 years.

He returned to Geelong well over a decade ago, and has been involved with the scene at Pistol Pete’s since proprietor Pete Raimondo established the restaurant and music venue.

“When Pete first started up I played there a few times, and we exchanged ideas about how things should go, who might be good to play there, that kind of stuff,” Jury said.

“I’ve known Pete for as long as he’s had the venue, so yes, I’m really excited to still be around and part of it.”

Jury said Pistol Pete’s was a special kind of venue, one that was more than just a place to have a drink and listen to tunes.

“It is one of the rare places I play in Geelong, especially these days,” he said.

“People have got to know Pistol Pete’s as a place where… even if you didn’t know who was on you, you’d drop in there and be assured you’d have some decent entertainment and a chance to catch up with other musos, hang out and exchange ideas.

“So it’s more than just a punter’s venue, it’s a place where people would go to hang and things would develop; different bands would form out of just chance meetings at Pistol Pete’s.”

Wayne Jury and Eddy Boyle are at Pistol Pete’s on Friday, March 15.