Road frustrates first home buyers

Libby Coker, second from left, with Tivoli Road residents. (Supplied)

By Justin Flynn

First-home buyers on Curlewis’ Tivoli Drive are so frustrated with the road’s lack of safety, they are selling up, according to Corangamite MP Libby Coker.

Ms Coker said since the opening of Tivoli Drive to Portarlington Road, residents have had to contend with hooning, speeding, heavy vehicles crashing over temporary speed humps and limited on-street parking.

Ms Coker said one resident’s long awaited first home purchase had turned into a “heartbreaking experience”.

Ms Coker said the City of Greater Geelong must use the 2021-22 budget to bring forward the planned upgrade to Tivoli Drive.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen, but the council says they cannot fix it for another five years,” she said.

“The first responsibility of government at any level is to protect the safety of the people but Tivoli Drive is just not safe.

“Fixing mistakes isn’t easy, but council needs to take responsibility for it. It must fund the widening of this road in the upcoming budget.”

However, City of Greater Geelong city services director Guy Wilson-Browne said council had already implemented a number of measures to improve the maligned road.

“Tivoli Drive, as constructed, meets required standards and is adequate to provide for the current traffic,” he said.

“The current design of Tivoli Drive is part of stage 1oneJetty Road Urban Growth Plan. The road will be duplicated by the developer on their land as part of stage two of the plan.

“Staging of infrastructure and services is common in new developments. Some roads and services are constructed to cater for residents who move into the area early, while other works occur at later stages of development to accommodate future residents.”

Mr Wilson-Browne said it is anticipated that a planning scheme amendment application for stage two of the Jetty Road Urban Growth Plan will be submitted to council in 2021.

“The planning scheme amendment process for stage two will inform the future design of Tivoli Drive and Greenvale Drive,” he said.

“The amendment process includes public exhibition which provides an opportunity for the community to make submissions.”