Fears of ‘wrist slap’ for $70,000 graffiti damage

Three teens arrested over $70,000 in graffiti damage at Lara deserve more than a “slap on the wrist”, according to local social media users.

Police announced the “significant arrest” on Monday, posting on Facebook that the related incidents dated back to 2016.

“A 17-year-old male from Lara was charged with graffiti offences after causing approximately $60,000 damage to numerous properties in the township,” police said.

“Two other 15-year-old males from Lara were also charged with similar offences for causing approximately $10,000 damage.”

“Great effort by the Lara Police members.”

But comments on the post indicated public concerns that the teens would escape appropriate penalties.

“What will happen to them, a slap on the wrists and told to be good boys,” posted Vicky Reed.

“They should be made to pay for the clean-up.”

Other posters agreed the teens should have to remove their graffiti, possibly with the help of certain legal professionals considered unsympathetic to community sentencing concerns.

“Judges should go and clean it up with the offenders and their families while the police sit back have a beer and watch them,” posted Lesley Sparrow.

“Offenders do the offending, judges don’t do anything of significance and the police have to wear it all. Incarceration with the possibility of rehabilitation needs to start happening for all offenders regardless of the crime.”

Bez Michael suggested that the arrests were a long time coming.

“About time the police have finally done something about this crap.

“But let me guess they’ll get off because they are minors or have mental issues from all those paint fumes.”

Other comments praised the arresting officers.

“Great work by two Lara stalwarts. Admire them greatly,” posted Diane Peter McMaster.

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