Denture help

Belmont Denture Clinic

Replacing missing or damaged teeth with dentures provides various important benefits.

Dentures fill out smiles, improve appearance and aid in speaking, chewing, swallowing and smiling.

More importantly, they contribute to good health through their impact on the digestive system.

Dental prosthetists are the only registered health care providers specifically trained to construct, fit and maintain dentures.

Acknowledged as a provider of denture services by every health fund in Australia, Belmont Denture Clinic has two prosthetists for private patients, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Victorian Denture Scheme.

Jenna Currie and Ian Flintoff pride themselves on listening to patients, showing empathy and obtaining results.

Belmont Denture Clinic is committed to the local community, believing that dentures and mouthguards should be affordable for everyone without compromising quality.

Belmont Denture Clinic operates out of modern, functional rooms that provide a pleasant experience for patients getting new dentures.

Belmont Denture Clinic has the skills and knowledge to work with patients so that new dentures meet required expectations.

The clinic is at shop 1, 63 Thomson St, Belmont, phone 5241 6300 or email

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