By Luke Voogt

When mild-mannered businessmen Andrew and Steve Kyriacou hit the stage they turn into rock gods – or perhaps the next best thing.
“When you put the make up on you actually feel like you become somebody else,” said Andrew, or ‘Ace’ in tribute band KISSTROYER.
The brothers have been donning black and white for 15 years since their first rehearsal in a “rodent-infested” hall in Brunswick.
Since then they have toured Asia and the UAE, appeared on 60 Minutes and mini-series Molly, and even played for the original KISS.
“I think we’ve well exceeded what we thought we would do,” Andrew said.
The then 27-year-old co-founded KISSTROYER after he and his brother returned from lengthy trip in Europe in 2000.
“KISS was doing a reunion tour,” he said.
“We got back and we’re basically a bit bored. We loved them as kids and thought it would be a bit of fun.”
By chance they found fellow co-founder Danny Slaviero who was to become the band’s ‘Gene Simons’.
“We found Danny on the street,” Andrew said.
“He had a sign on the back of car his saying ‘Drummer wanted for Kiss show’.”
When Andrew found out Danny already had a lead guitarist, he said something like: “Listen pal, it’s going to work like this – we’re brothers we’re sticking together – you come and work with us.”
The band would go on to perform around Australia and meet all of KISS.
“They seem larger than life when you meet them,” Andrew said.
“They were used to people being at their beck and call.”
They even played live for Paul Stanley in Melbourne.
“It’s not every day you get to play for the guy who originally did it,” Andrew said.
“He thought we did a pretty good job. He was a real gentleman.”
KISSTROYER has played in Geelong several times at events such as the Motor City Music Festival.
“Geelong is always fantastic, they’re a real rock crowd and they know their stuff,” he said.
“We just feel very humble and grateful that we’ve been able to do this for 15 years.”
KISSTROYER will play at the Sphinx on 19 November.
For more information visit sphinxhotel.com.au.

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