Some Cats fans think he might have been shown the door prematurely but few would have concern for the post-footy career – or should that be careers – of Jimmy Bartel.
Armed with a business degree, he’s launched his own footy boot company, has a series of ambassadorships with various brands and dabbles in media commentary, among various earners.
This week he was promoting an annual baby search competition under the umbrella of undies giant Bond.
There he was (pictured), all stubbly good looks with adorable son Aston in arms, both looking a million bucks.
And worth even more!

From success in the endorsements world, another Geelong figure is rising through the ranks in a very different field.
Hamburgers, to be exact.
And who else but A Cut Above Family Butcher’s Daniel McCarthy, the same bloke who supplied the turkeys for the Indy’s Talkin’ Turky competition before Christmas.
With a state title already in hand for his store’s ‘Bonza Burger’, Daniel’s off to Tasmania this weekend to compete for the Australian Industry Meat Council’s national best hamburger prize.
“It’s a tough competition, so we’re a little bit nervous,” he said.
Go, Daniel – give ’em one with the lot!

The funeral of Geelong’s Anthony Costa this week summoned many touching tributes.
One of the brothers behind the Costa Group empire, he was variously described as “warm and friendly”, a “loyal, caring, kind friend” and an outstanding family man.
But he was also extremely courageous, as brother Frank explained on Channel 7’s Gangs of Oz series in 2010.
The topic was the Costas’ dangerous wrestle with the Calabrian mafia in the early ’90s, on behalf of Coles. The supermarket chain had enlisted the Costas to help it escape the mafia’s 50-cent tax on each box of fresh produce.
The plan was for the family to take over the business, restoring fair pricing. The bad guys were unimpressed.
The death threats began. The stakes were high and the risks very real.
The brothers decided to fight fire with fire – and Anthony was the torch-bearer.
“I said to Anthony ‘you go back tomorrow morning and tell that (mafia) guy that anyone in our family gets touched, a hair on their head, exactly double that for that group’,” Frank told the program.
“And we’d start with that guy’s family first. You have to bluff them – and it worked.
“Anthony’s a big, burly bloke anyway, so he went and delivered that and that stopped it.”
Delivering in person a death threat to the mafia! Unbelievable!
Vale, Anthony Costa – and thanks for our fruit and veg prices.

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