Two junior water dragon paddlers from Norlane will compete at state level in Adelaide this weekend.
Siblings Aidan, 12, and Kaitlyn Meyer, 16, will be the first juniors from Greater Geelong to compete in the inaugural Victorian junior team.
Kaitlyn was looking forward to meeting the top paddlers in the country at Saturday’s Australian Dragon Boat Championships.
Once more comfortable playing netball, Kaitlyn said learning a new support had been challenging but exciting.
“The dragon boating community is like a tight-knit family and we all work as a team. It’s so much fun and everyone is so supportive.
“They work us hard and push us to the limit. Because they believe in you, it’s definitely something you want to put everything into.
“It’s a thrill to be out there.”
Kaitlyn and Aidan competed in a Ballarat regatta and Victorian titles at Docklands this year against adults.
Kaitlyn said she and Aidan bickered, like most siblings, but paddling had given them a common interest.
“We don’t usually get to do much together. It’s definitely helped us bond.”
Geelong Water Dragons secretary Margaret Harry said the squad hoped to attract more juniors.
“We’re keen to have a whole crew of juniors from Geelong next season.“

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