WHAT’S black and white and sends Cats fans nuts?

Hold on, better make that white and white … at least, that’s the colouring of a magpie that wildlife photographer Danielle Bamforth snapped at Newcomb recently.

And it’s a one in a million magpie, she said.

“I had never seen a white magpie in my life and I was quite excited to get the opportunity to see one in  real life, yet alone to photograph one,” Ms Bamforth told the Independent.

“I have an obsession with magpies. I love to photograph them. They are such beautiful intelligent birds. I have several friendly magpies that visit me daily.”

One young maggie who hangs around her Ocean Grove back yard perches on her arm as he solicits a feed of mince beef. She’s christened him “Gobbles”.

Ms Bamford, who runs Daneye Photography, said the albino magpie was female and about four years old.

“There are three other young magpies hanging around with her, I am pretty sure they are her young. She is in fantastic condition and looks to be surviving quite well,” she said.

Ms Bamford learned about the albino magpie from an online birder friend. She wouldn’t reveal its precise location other than somewhere near Wilsons Road for fear of drawing the bird unwanted attention.

“He told me it has been living in the exact same spot for around four years now and the locals know the maggie quite well,” she said.

LINK:  www.daneyephotography.com

FOR THE BIRDS: Photographer Danielle Bamforth and a feathered friend.

FOR THE BIRDS: Photographer Danielle Bamforth and a feathered friend.



  1.  Daneye Photography In Geelong Independent Newspaper! | Daneye Photography - Australian Wildlife & Nature Photographer
  2.  Daneye Photography In Geelong Independent Newspaper | Daneye Photography - Australian Wildife & Nature Photographer
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